Van Houtte Farms Sunflower




Dear Vistor,


Welcome to our U-Pick Flower & Vegetable Farm! We've been growing flowers and 80 acres of produce for over 30 years! 


This is our 3rd year of offering U-Pick for the public. This past year has been incredibly difficult for everyone. However, we feel something positively wonderful came from this unprecedented time - appreciation of nature, family experiences, and the popularity of u-pick flowers!


Hard work and dedication are behind our flower fields as we offer hundreds of varieties and succession plants; there are always fields full of flowers from July through October!

The process begins by germinating in our greenhouses in March, transplanting them to containers in April, and planting in the fields by the start of May, Then comes watering, fertilizing, hoeing the weeds by hand, replanting when certain flowers are spent and making sure color, height and conditions are just right for them to fully bloom.


This is a labor of love that we offer to you to enjoy. We want you to feel the Earth and Sun, smell the flowers, and share that communal human bond that the farm provides!


Trust that you will enjoy this experience, respecting each other and our way of making a living and honoring all the beauty that our farm offers.


We can't wait for you to visit! 


The Van Houttes

Van Houtte Farms Picture Frame in Field

Private Photography

Are you a professional photographer looking to book a photography session in our private flower field? Look no further - Click on the link below to learn more!

Farm Rules

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about what to expect when arriving to our farm, when you can visit, and more!

Note that when you arrive to the farm; you will need to fill out a Participant Waiver/Release form prior to entering our fields.  Adults must accompany any child under the age of 12.


Van Houtte Farms Bee on Flower

If you've never done this before, I highly recommend - the fields are stunning, and the staff is so friendly and thoughtful!

Van Houtte Farms Flower

Wow! The flowers at Van Houtte Farms are spectacular! We will absolutely be coming again, and everything is so reasonably priced for the experience!

Van Houtte Farms Pink Flower

They were busy, but everyone was so respectful, & kept their distance while creating their own bouquets - allowed for us to have a socially distanced beautiful afternoon!

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your Van Houtte Flowers!

Tip 1 - Keep the water level in your vase high - they drink a lot during the week!

Tip 2 - Change water mid-week and add 1 tsp. of flower preservative

Tip 3 - Keep away from fruits and veggies which emit a gas called ethylene that makes flowers fade fast

Tip 4 - Pull out faded stems so your bouquet always looks fresh.

Tip 5 - Condense the longest lasting blooms into a bud vase and put it on your nightstand - and then come back to pick another bouquet!